Jenny's Examples

From left to right: a Durham Quilt, a Block Quilt, and a Hawaiian Quilt.

Antique Quilts

From left to right:

1) The Sanderson Star Patchwork Quilt. A Blue and white cotton fabric, made in Northumberland c. 1920. Hand quilted, featuring feather and filling patterns. Cotton filling.

2) The Strippy Quilt. A Red and white with saw tooth edge strip quilt. Hand quilted, cotton fabric and cotton filling. c.1910-1930

3) Red Wholecloth Quilt Detail. Cotton sateen, cotton filling. c.1920 -1930

4) Wholecloth Quilt. Pink cotton sateen. Cotton filling. Featuring feather pattern with eye, cowslip leaf and rose in centre, repeat border pattern with square diamond in corner. Made in Co. Durham, late 19th Century.

Workshop Events

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