Quilts Uncovered 1 and 2 DVD Boxset

A lifelong quilter, Jenny Barlow loves discovering very old quilts, finding in them fascinating clues about the lives of the people who made them and giving the stitching patterns they used all those years ago fresh life by teaching a new generation of quilters how to use them in their own projects. In this fascinating two-disc set, Jenny shows how you too can take pattern design elements from both traditional and contemporary quilts to create a beautiful and unique quilting pattern for your next project, whatever its size and shape. Click here for a sneak peak at the DVD.

Quilts Uncovered 1

In this DVD Jenny describes the origins of quilting, and how inspirational designers through the ages have influenced her own designs. Using simple and easy-to-learn techniques - and not much more than some paper, a few coins and a ruler - Jenny shows how to draw some of the classic quilting design elements such as the feather, rose and cable. She then shows easy techniques for transferring the patterns onto the fabric, and the stitches to use when quilting. Finally, Jenny gets you started on your own with some simple projects designed to get you quilting confidently.

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Quilts Uncovered 2

In the second DVD, Jenny moves on from the basics to showcase beautiful projects that you'll love to make. If you thought that designing your own quilting patterns was beyond you, Jenny will show that with just a little practice it is not only simple, but enthralling, engaging and deeply satisfying.

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